Insurance for self-employed workers and small businesses

The insurance for self-employed workers and small businesses is specially designed to meet the needs of self-employed workers, owners of small businesses, and salaried employees who do not have group insurance through their employer. This insurance offers most of the benefits available under a group insurance plan, including:

Protect what you love and save

Exploring Solutions has been serving policyholde protecting businesses, mitigating Travel Insurance for added peace of mind.

Group Insurance

One way we contribute to your security and peace of mind is by offering a flexible assortment of insurance options to help you build the right plan for your company or organization. 

Insurance in case of death, accident or critical illness

• Life insurance • Accidental death and mutilation insurance • Critical illness insurance (includes cancer, paralysis, multiple sclero...

Disability insurance

• Short term disability insurance • Long term disability insurance

Insurance to cover medical or dental costs

• Accident and health insurance can cover the following costs: Hospitalization, Medication, Medical and paramedical costs....

Health insurance

There are some products on the market that allow people who are no longer members of a group plan to convert some of their health coverage into personal health insurance....

Small and medium businesses